Hottest Marijuana Stock This Week: This Week, Why These Shares Soared 150%

Hottest Marijuana Stock This Week: Why These Shares Soared 150% This Week

Marijuana stocks are creating a rebound.
Leading is the way is a New Age Farms (CSE:NF; OTC:NWGFF).
New Age Farms is a grower hemp-derived CBD extracts and distributes them through its wholly-owned subsidiaryWe Are Kured.
Kured is a new hemp-derived extracts as well as the vape products to provide the extracts.
New Age Farms announced this week it has completely sold out of its inventory of Kured vape pens, that its Kured vape products can now be found in more than 100 marijuana dispensaries, and it has reached a stage in its growth cycle that will allow it can bring production in house.
Benjamin Martch, the Chief Marketing Officer of New Age Farms, stated,”Kured is a relatively new company in the CBD business, we are extremely delighted with how fast the second-generation pens sold out and are eagerly anticipating the arrival of new pens next week.”
This news together with the rebound in marijuana stocks sent New Age Farm stocks from C$0.05 discuss this week to a close on Friday of C$0.125, a whole profit of 150% in the week.
The achievement of Kured vape products and New Age Farms’ stock performance reflect the sizeable and growing opportunity in vaping, CBD extracts, and other marijuana-related products.
If you wonder”what’s next” for marijuana, look at firms moving towards end retail products for the greatest increase as the entire legal marijuana matures.

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