How Venture Capitalists Can Save the World and Get Rich Doing So

4052349_sMy name is David Malmo-Levine. I’ve been getting high and then thinking of ways to save the world since I was 14 years old. I’m 43 years old now, and I think I’ve just about got the idea down. Before I tell you the plan, a quick introduction.

I’m the youngest person to be self-represented at the Supreme Court of Canada.


I negotiated the truce between pot dealers and police

that created the first cannabis farmer’s market (it began in1999) – attended by tens of thousands of people twice yearly.

I have my own Herb Museum.

I’ve been interviewed for numerous cannabis documentaries.

I have my own magazine:

I write for numerous cannabis-related magazines and websites.

I just got picked up by “Green Rush Review” – a website about the cannabis stock market.

I wrote chapter 3 of “The Pot Book”.

I am currently 100 pages in to my own comic book: “Vansterdam Comix”.

I’ve been to jail for flower crimes, and I’ve paid my dues.

The argument

The world is a mess. Oil wars, drug wars, oil spills, nuclear accidents, climate destabilization, poverty, a police state, and a pervasive culture of uniformity, banality and insipidness.

The way out of this mess, I feel, is to legalize cannabis for everyone to grow, deal and smoke … and then agree together to put all that money towards putting the non-renewable energy barons out of business – replacing them with renewable energy … and get pretty wealthy in the process.

Sound good? To everyone except for maybe prison builders, war profiteers, big pharma, big coal, big oil, big gas and big nuclear power, this sounds pretty good. The real question is HOW, exactly, does one go about doing this, given the fact that the riches people in the world will probably be opposed and willing to continue to spend a shit ton of money to keep their artificial wars and energy monopolies going?

Here’s my two-stage plan to save the world using venture capitalism:

1) Legalize cannabis

There are things we can do aside from wait for Justin Trudeau to legalize cannabis in October of 2015. A lot can happen between now and then, and (I’m hoping) we want the type of legalization that turns thousands and thousands of people into millionaires, rather than a few people into billionaires, so it would be better to act now and have a legalization model up and running by then – to convince Trudeau to allow to continue existing – rather than cross our fingers and hope he makes a model to our liking.

The first thing we do is we decide to have no more targets for the police of harmless people to bust. That means anyone who wants to grow can grow, anyone who wants to deal can deal and anyone who wants to smoke can smoke. No grower/dealer/smoker left behind.

Secondly, we can dispense with the current-day reefer madness that tells us teens and other “vulnerable groups” are inherently harmed by cannabis. These studies NEVER prove causality, they never demonstrate a one-to-tenfold increase in pathology over the last sixty years to match the increase in cannabis users and they never manage to explain how cannabis abuse is worse than cops, courts, jails, criminal records, non-criminal records, the black market, the risks of using cannabis substitutes like caffeine/cocaine/alcohol/tobacco/pills or the risks of leaving the stress, depression etc etc untreated.

The third thing we do is educate ourselves into understanding that cannabis is preventive medicine for healthy people. Me and my co-author Rob Calloway (who has his masters degree in health and psychology) have assembled a little crash course in the history of cannabis as a preventive medicine for this part of the plan.

The next step is to open up dispensaries that market cannabis as a preventive medicine for healthy people to use – we open up these dispensaries everywhere, and we spend money on advertizing including advertizing the above website in order to educate as many people – and as many doctors – as possible. We teach everyone that cannabis is the safest, cheapest and most effective preventive herbal medicine for stress, depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, lack of sleep/motivation/focus. And we sell cannabis to the people who get doctor’s notes to use cannabis as a preventive medicine.

Eventually, having protected most or all smokers with doctor’s notes, we then need to fight for the right of smokers to access cannabis without the doctor’s notes – ensuring true autonomy within our model of legalization. We should also defend the right for everyone to grow their own cannabis, or supply their friends and family, or grow commercially and/or become retailers.

We do this by using the Sensible BC campaign to set up a form of legalization that meets all our needs, and then use this model to point to when deciding what is right for the rest of Canada.

By doing this, we will basically replace the trillion-dollar global pharma industry with herb farmers, herb gardeners and herb breeders. Cannabis, it is estimated by some, could replace half the over-the-counter pharma sales when fully researched, and the other herbs could replace roughly the other half of those sales. If the information spreads quickly enough, our rulers won’t be able to shove this genie back in the prohibition/over-regulation bottle, and the pharma-pushers will have to work with the non-patent medicine suppliers to earn their living rather than just scaring and forcing people into using their crap anymore.

But nobody wants to get high in an anti-democratic tyranny, a police state, a war economy or an environmental nightmare. Major buzz kills, all.

So how do we spend that trillion dollar drug-peace dividend to make the world more sustainable and more “chill” in the process?

2) Outperform and replace the non-renewable energy barons

I know, I know, easier said than done, right? But really, if there ever was a time to save the world, it would be now.

Look, for example, at the problems with nuclear energy. A few more of those Fukushimas and we’re all fucked permanently:

Part 5 of this multi-article work looks at the surprising solutions to the growing nuclear threat to humankind:

And don’t get me started on the oil wars we keep having. But here’s the thing. The best thing to replace oil and coal and nuclear energy in the world is hemp ethanol:

So here’s exactly what we do. We independent growers and dealers of cannabis pool our money together and we take that trillion dollars and we spend it on investments in wind, wave, sun, geothermal and cellulosic ethanol – specifically hemp ethanol. We get our farmers to breed high-cellulose strains, and we outcompete Exxon-Mobil and the rest for all their customers. We put them out of business using their own rules of the free hand of the market. Here’s the pitch:

With our product – hemp ethanol – there’s

1)  no more oil wars (because hemp grows in sand – it can grow in nearly every country on earth – it can even reclaim desert regions by putting down a layer of top soil)

2)   no more oil spills (a hemp ethanol spill would just evaporate)

3)  no more climate destabilization (hemp acts as a carbon sink as it grows – 30% more of the C02 is trapped in the soil in the form of roots and leaves than is created by the burning of hemp ethanol in the engines of vehicles)

4)  a massive savings to the consumer at the pump (estimates of hemp ethanol being 5 times cheaper than gas have been proposed)

5)  a $500 dollar conversion kit could turn any gas powered car into an ethanol powered car (the quickest way to get off the fossil fuel grid)

That oil market is about 3 trillion dollars. Add another trillion or so for the coal, gas and nuclear energy economies. That’s a lot of trillions. That’s as many trillions as is humanly possible. That’s one million millionaires created – per trillion dollars converted from the synthetic, monopolistic cannabis substitute economy to the much more evenly spread out and democratic cannabis/hemp economy.

Personally, I would like to participate in the creation of a million millionaires, wouldn’t you? I’m certain the participants of this plan will be among those millionaires.

The nice thing about this plan is that it doesn’t have to be secret. In fact, it’s better if everyone knows about it, because if enough people set about carrying it out, all the money and all the politicians in the world can’t stop it.

So, venture capitalists … are you game? Are you interesting in the big, big money … and saving the world … or are you going to focus on the nickels and dimes of a dying system?

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