Ignyta, Inc. (RXDX)

IGNYTA_logoIgnyta, Inc., a biotechnology company, catalyzes personalized treatments in cancer. The company pusues an integrated Rx/Dx method of combining discovery and development of drugs with companion diagnostics for patient selection.

Ignyta focuses on the discovery and development of revolutionary new drugs that provide customized treatment for cancer patients by targeting activated genes in cancer cells. The company aims to discover novel targets and to provide the next generation of targeted treatments with their proprietary molecular technologies and knowledge bases.

Ignyta, Inc. acquired the San Diego-based Actagene Oncology, Inc. in May 2013. Actagene is a biotechnology company that develops personalized medicines for cancer indications. With the acquisition of Actagene, Ignyta’s business strategy evolved from focusing on molecular diagnostics for autoimmune disease to biomarker discovery and development for oncology. The company’s new focus leverages the company’s capabilities for biomarker discovery to provide patients with options for customized treatments.

Ignyta is applying the next generation molecular technologies in their effort to identify the most accurate signatures possible for the discovery, development, validation, and commercialization of therapeutic drugs and diagnostic tests for oncology.

The company pursues a pipeline of in-licensed and homegrown oncology drugs, such as RXDX-101, RXDX-102, and Spark Programs for patients with molecularly defined tumors. The company is also developing Trailblaze Diagnostic Programs to accompany their oncology drugs that are molecularly targeted.

Ignyta, Inc. is traded in the OTC markets under the stock symbol RXDX. The company aims to become a catalyctic leader of the revolution of personal medicines, to kindle the development and adoption of targeted therapeutics and the most accurate companion diagnostic tests in oncology, and to eliminate cancer globally through more enlightened diagnosis and treatment.

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