Illinois Releases List Of Approved MMJ Growers

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHThe state of Illinois has finally released on Thursday (August 20) the list of seven businesses allowed to grow medical marijuana (MMJ) in the state.

The approved MMJ companies are:

  • PharmaCann LLC – Dwight, Illinois
  • Green Thumb Industries (GTI) – Rock Island
  • Ace/Revolution Enterprises – Delavan
  • Nature’s Grace and Wellness – Vermont, Illinois
  • In Grown Farms – Freeport
  • Ataraxia – Albion
  • Ace/Revolution Enterprises – Barry

These seven are only the first batch to receive state approval, as there are 11 other centers that have state cannabis permits but are still waiting for official authorization to grow. In total, Illinois may grant up to 22 permits.

Several of the seven approved businesses already have infrastructure in place and ready.

For instance, Revolution Enterprises in Barry has a $16 million center in the area and has started growing this month. The company said that it may eventually employ some 70 people.

Meanwhile, PharmaCann CEO Teddy Scott said his company is ready to plant seeds in its two 40,000-square foot centers.

Another company, GTI, intends to invest $10 million in a cultivation center covering 44,000 square feet within a 100,000-square foot facility. The company expects to create 30 jobs initially, with a potential to increase to 70 or 75.

Industry watchers noted that these companies are starting production and hiring employees at a time when several other industries in Illinois are bogged by an economic downturn. The state has recently had a string of economic challenges, including a draining pension problem, a downgraded credit rating, and an unfinished state budget. The effect in the state’s economy has been evident in rampant layoffs from employers of various sizes.

By contrast, the marijuana market in Illinois is coming alive, especially because it has a healthy anticipated demand.

“[The patients] are driving this. They wanted this stuff yesterday,” Scott remarked, adding that MMJ patients have pressured the state and politicians to move the MMJ process forward.

The marijuana growers expect sales to begin later in 2015.

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