Illinois Residents Can Now Legally Buy Medical Pot, But…

For Marla Levi, a 51-year-old with multiple sclerosis so severe she’s in constant pain, the delay is devastating. “We are just flabbergasted at this point,” Levi tells me on the phone. “I have my approval letter ready. I’ve been fingerprinted. I’ve paid the fee, and it does me absolutely no good. It’s useless.”

Here’s the reason why:

Illinois’ former Gov. Pat Quinn legalized medical cannabis in the Prairie State on Aug. 1, 2013. One year, five months, and 12 days later, not a single patient has received it. The line of those waiting to take advantage of the program is long: 650 people and growing.

Suffering from one of 34 “debilitating medical conditions,” ranging from glaucoma to HIV, they’ve earned the right to purchase cannabis for medical use. The problem? There is none.

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