Illinois Senate Considers Ban Fake Weed

Illinois Senate Considers Ban Fake Weed

After a spate of cases in which individuals have died or been hospitalized because of smoking synthetic weed, state lawmakers have opted to take action. Now, as the Illinois Senate considers a ban on fake weed, leaders in the state hope to see fewer casualties caused by the drug.

Closing the Loophole

Artificial cannabis was back in the headlines in Illinois lately. In particular, reports that people have been consuming imitation weed laced with rat poison have surfaced.

Toward the end of April, a woman in central Illinois expired after smoking synthetic cannabis which was laced with rat poison. She was the fourth casualty in the deadly mixture. Furthermore, Illinois health officials stated that 153 individuals in 13 counties have gotten sick from the cocktail in recent weeks.

Even with no rat poison, synthetic cannabis is very dangerous. The material is typically a composite of numerous chemicals designed to trigger specific areas of the brain and body.

The chemicals are sprayed onto some type of smokable material. Likewise liquid forms of this drug can also be used in e-cigarettes. And although manufacturers are generally aiming to mimic the euphoric highs created by real weed, synthetic cannabis often ends up being poisonous.

In the past, Illinois lawmakers made legislation prohibiting the use of specific chemical formulas. But manufacturers of cannabis slow down. Instead, they simply developed workaround formulas. In fact, the Chicago Tribune noted that there are now more than 80 known formulas for making synthetic cannabis.

The new bill won’t only ban specific formulas. Instead, it is going to ban all forms of synthetic cannabis, no matter the formula used to make them.   The Senate approved the bill earlier this week. It is going to now move on to a vote in the House.

Other Areas Impacted By Artificial Weed

Artificial bud isn’t only affecting individuals in Illinois. This latest spree of synthetic weed deaths has hit several different states. And in most of these cases, the synthetic cannabis was laced with rat poison.

For example, police in Florida reported that the poisonous mix had shown up in the state. At least one person has died from the material. There have also been a number of injuries and illnesses caused by it.

In addition to Florida and Illinois, dangerous forms of synthetic cannabis have shown up in Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Officials in each of these states have started to take action. As for Illinois, lawmakers hope their new bill will effectively shut down paths for individuals to make and distribute the material.

“Right now you can go into several of these corner stores on the South and West Side [of Chicago] and see these medications on display. ”

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