Inside Wiz Khalifa’s Weed-Themed House

Interior Wiz Khalifa’s Weed-Themed House

How much weed does Wiz Khalifa keep in his house? You no longer need to wonder with this glimpse into Khalifa’s $4.6 million dollar dream home in the Los Angeles hills. And with a recording studio, stunning view and dab bar, it may be the house of your dreams.

This rapper/one of the greatest smokers alive has designed his lux Los Angeles pad with his two loves in mind: weed and his son, Sebastian.

“Roll something, smoke something with me,” Wiz Khalifa says, laughing at the camera. The “We Dem Boyz” rapper moved into his house a couple of years back so that he, and his son, could have more space. The first stop on the tour is the game room. “Aka the gang space,” he adds, even though it should probably be called the dab room.

Does it have a neon sign that reads “High Life” plus a pool table, but the game room includes a fully equipped dab bar. This implies more bongs than you can count, a lot of weed and a hundred combined roller. “It rolls a hundred joints… at one time,” Khalifa adds. It would take him three days to smoke all those… without passing. Looking at his decor aesthetic, this looks totally possible.

Touring his residence, Wiz Khalifa points to his other favourite smoking spots. The best one is probably his balcony overlooking the valley and other mansions. “Come out here, have a telephone call, smoke a doob,” Wiz says, looking out from his idyllic porch.

“This is my weed wall,” he adds, pointing to pictures of Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Jimi Hendricks, Bob Marley and pretty much anyone you would associate with weed. Khalifa has other Bob Marley-themed art around his property.

Though weed and music play a big role in Wiz Khalifa’s decorative –did we mention that the records and magazine covers almost every wall? –he paid special attention to what his son would want. He’s got a five-year-old son with model and fellow weed enthusiast Amber Rose. She has even released her own vape pen.

The “See You Again” rapper gestures to his son’s play areas and something he calls his “imagination station. ”

An Exclusive Look Into Wiz’s Weed Themed Life

In case you didn’t already know, Wiz Khalifa loves the herb so much that his entire house is weed-themed. “There’s always audio, there’s constantly pot, there’s always an experience,” Khalifa states. Looking at his heated pool, killer views, dab bar, we believe him.

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