Jimmy John’s Driver Caught Hiding Weed in Sandwiches

Jimmy John’s Driver Caught Hiding Weed in Sandwiches

In places where weed remains illegal, we frequently have to get creative with how they carry around their own stash. For example, a Jimmy John’s delivery person in Osseo, Wisconsin recently got caught trying to hide a bag of marijuana inside a sandwich.

Jimmy John’s Notebook Caught Hiding Weed

Word of the botched sandwich smuggling try first started coming from the Osseo Police Department. As is so often the case with police departments around the country, the Osseo PD tried to work in a little comedy.

Here’s the way they described the incident on their Facebook page:

“Another night, Officer Starry stopped a vehicle, a Jimmy Johns delivery driver, for a moving violation. As she approached the vehicle, she detected a ‘free odor ’ coming from the vehicle. Except that free odor wasn’t that of a Turkey Tom or Vito sandwich. IT was this…and no, that isn’t a pickle or oregano adorning that sandwich. ”

If the cops’ reference to some renowned Jimmy John’s ad wasn’t funny enough, they concluded the post with a more attempt at a joke.

Osseo PD added: “Moral of the story, don’t hide your weed inside your sub sandwich. We can still smell it behind all the other deliciousness. ”

At this time, it’s uncertain precisely how much weed the cops confiscated in the driver. Likewise it’s not clear if the driver was detained or if they’re facing any criminal charges.

It’s also not clear if the driver was only trying to get their own stash safely from work to home, or if they were attempting to market the bag of weed.  Either way, it appears pretty clear that the authorities confiscated the baggie, leaving the driver without their small stash.

Cop Marijuana Jokes

For the last six years or so, it’s become increasingly common for police departments to turn marijuana raids, busts, and arrests into social media jokes.

In accordance with High Times, the trend really kicked off in 2013. That year, cops in Seattle handed out bags of Doritos with reminders that although cannabis is legal in Washington, it was still illegal to smoke in public. At the time, the idea garnered a lot of attention.

Typically, they’ll do what the Osseo PD did.

Police will post pictures of confiscated weed or photographs from a marijuana bust, and then add (a typically weak) attempt at humorous captions.  Of course, the message always ends in some sort of warning about getting in trouble for cannabis.

Not suprisingly, most of these jokes fall flat. But there are more serious issues, too. Specifically, the fact that there are still people all over the country who are criminalized and punished for bud.

And as pretty much every study has consented, those being heavily penalized and disenfranchised by cannabis prohibition are poor communities and communities of color.

Furthermore, there appears to be another problem with these jokes. For many, these jokes reveal a troubling disregard for the developing legalization of marijuana.

Bottom line: these jokes aren’t funny. They’re not humorous. And they make light of a critical movement aimed at fixing a serious societal problem.

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