Leafly’s Faves 2018: Cannabis Accessories

Leafly’s Faves is a series providing a glimpse into the breeds, products, and brands that our team of cannabis aficionados is buying, consuming, and enjoying the most every year. Some are entirely new to the market, while others are just perennial favorites that we can’t recommend enough. Below, find our team ’s favorite cannabis accessories of 2018.

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OTTO, The Automatic Smart Rolling Machine by Banana Bros..

Always on the move and never have enough time to roll up a joint? Have a look at the OTTO, a smart spill-proof joint roller which could whip up a well-packed joint in seconds.

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Great for any kind of cannabis enthusiast, the Nuggy includes tools for rolling, dabbing, vaping, and packing a bowl. Easy to keep track of and nicely designed, this multi-tool has the solution to all of your cannabis requirements.

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Odor Free Bags by Cookies

(Courtesy of Cookies)

Afraid someone might smell that stinky strain hiding in your backpack while you’re out and about? These odor-free bags can conceal the funk of your stash while also keeping it fresh for if you do want to split it out.

Vintage Filter Tips by RAW

These classic filter tips are known and loved by joint rollers everywhere. Affordable and easy to use, these include support to your joints and will change your smoking game forever.

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Escort Backpack by Revelry Supply

(Courtesy of Escort)

This odor-absorbing backpack has a secret inner pocket, ideal for hiding the funk of your stash when you’re on the move. Additionally, it has multiple compartments to store your other cannabis accessories.

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