Lebanon Announces Plan to Legalize Medical Marijuana Use and Cultivation

Together with the financial benefits of cannabis increasingly coming into focus, many countries are considering some form of legalization. The move could become a significant boost to the country’s struggling economy.

Cannabis Could Boost Lebanon’s Economy

As reported by CNN, Lebanon’s choice to consider legalizing medical marijuana is largely based on economic motives. In particular, officials in the nation appear to be taking seriously a recent report created by consulting firm McKinsey & Co..

In that report, McKinsey summarized a number of things Lebanon can do to increase economic activity. Growing and producing medical marijuana was one of those suggestions. The firm said that entering the worldwide medical marijuana industry could be a key to economic development in Lebanon.

Now, it seems that top officials in Lebanon have voiced support for such a move. In particular, House Speaker Nabih Berri has publicly said he would like to see the nation legalize medical marijuana and medical marijuana cultivation.

He then went a step further. He said that the Lebanese parliament is currently working on a strategy to make it happen. Up to now, no specific details are revealed. Similarly, there hasn’t been some indication of a possible timeline for when this might occur.

Cannabis Cultivation Could Be an Ideal Fit for Lebanon

Interestingly, growing medical marijuana could be a perfect fit for Lebanon. The nation is already known for producing a great deal of illegal cannabis. Even better, it has a reputation around the world for producing some of the highest quality product anywhere.

In fact, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said that Lebanon was among the top five biggest manufacturers of hash in the entire world.

All told, Lebanon’s bud output is reportedly worth around $4 billion.  That means that the nation already has a powerful network of growers, grow sites, and even global distribution.

An authorized medical marijuana business could build on the already established growing experience in the nation. Further, a legal system in Lebanon would also make the most of the country’s ideal climate for cannabis cultivation.

Lebanon Plans for Medical Marijuana Use and Cultivation

While there’s reportedly an increasing number of governments in favor of legal medical marijuana and medical marijuana cultivation, it’s uncertain if this service is widespread.

Adding to that doubt, ongoing political unrest in the country could make it difficult to smoothly initiate any huge changes to cannabis laws.

But these kinds of changes have already been a subject of discussion throughout the nation. Just last month, one of the country’s leading universities announced plans to formally begin studying medical marijuana.

According to the announcement, Lebanese American University will launch the Medicinal Cannabis Research Center. It will study various aspects of marijuana cultivation, medical applications, and economic impact.

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