Debate Between Licensed Producers Heats Up

There is a debate in the Canadian cannabis activist community.

debateYeah, so what else is new?

It’s an old debate. It harkens back to the fight between ordinary people and medical monopolists back in the time of King Henry the VIII. Back then, the king sided with the people. In his Herbalist’s Charter of 1512, he promised that “every person” would have the power to provide “any herb or herbs” for the rest of time, in “any” of “the King’s domains”.

The last time I checked, Canada still had the English monarchy on our money, so I think we still qualify as one of their “domains”.

Today, that old debate – who gets to provide the herbs – has evolved into one over Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations

The Pro-LP Side

On one side of this debate are the “pro-LP” activists, who say that Licensed Producers (LPs) are good – or have the potential to be good – for the cannabis community.

The Anti-LP Side

The anti-LP side – or significant segments of it – thinks all of this is rationalization by those wishing to become, or be employed by, the LPs. The anti-LP side feels that the MMPR is a form of “state monopoly capitalism”, meant to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. The anti-LP side says that “no grower or dealer should be left behind”. In case you haven’t guessed by now, I consider myself “anti-LP”.

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