Marijuana addiction is real, and Increasing

Marijuana addiction is real, and Increasing

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — For as long as most residents can remember, smoking marijuana has become a part of life here. That California legalized the practice in January went practically unnoticed in this quiet town a half-hour’s drive north of San Francisco, where some say the normalization of America’s marijuana culture got its start.

For Quintin Pohl and other teens before smoking pot was a rite of passage. It was a diversion from the loneliness he felt at home when his parents were splitting up and a salve for middle-school angst. It was his full social life in seventh and eighth grades, he said, when social life is everything.

Even though nearly all his buddies were using marijuana and seeming to enjoy it, Pohl said, at some point his marijuana usage took a turn that he never saw coming: He became hooked.

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