Marijuana as Sex Lubricant Might Not Necessarily Light Your Fire

Marijuana as Sex Lubricant Might Not Necessarily Light Your Fire

Lots of people swear they experience superlative sex while stoned, with 70 percent of smokers at a 2017 study published in Elsevier’s journal Pharmacological Research claiming the drug provided “enhancement in enjoyment and gratification. ” So, it was only a matter of time before companies starting making cannabis-infused sex products.

Thrillist writer Jon Sumpson’s girlfriend attempted Foria’s lube and told him, “An orgasm with Foria feels like the most amazing thing your body has ever felt in your whole life. ” Pop Sugar’s Hilary White likewise composed that with Foria lube, “Climaxes are deeper and far more extreme than anything else I’ve ever experienced. They feel all-consuming! ”

That’s enough to make anyone wonder if there’s science supporting cannabis-infused lube, but the research is scant.

“As far as what we know about it, I have never seen a scientific study evaluating weed lube,”  Dr. Becky Kaufman Lynn, director of the Center for Sexual Health and assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Saint Louis University, told “We can only speculate. ”

With cannabis’s pain-relieving possessions, she thinks it’s worth a try for those who experience pain during intercourse.

Jordan Tishler, president of InhaleMD and the Association of Cannabis Specialists, has heard some women say that they have better sex with weed lube, but he thinks this could be the placebo effect.

“In theory, cannabis could interact with receptors in the vagina and clitoris to produce a heightened sensation,” Tishler told ”However, in practicality, I’ve not seen this work, nor think in the overall idea. Although it is true there are receptors in those locations which stimulating them would, theoretically, heighten sensation, this would take 40-90 minutes to take effect.

Tishler considers that marijuana’s best sexual benefits come from its effects on the brain, which you probably won’t feel by applying the medication to your genitals. For the same reason, he finds it unlikely that weed lube would help provide pain relief.

“[The vagina is] not designed as an absorptive surface. Generally speaking, absorption occurs within our lungs and small intestine. Even medicines that are used intravaginally, like Diflucan or antibiotics, are utilized to treat intravaginal infections, not deeper or systemic ones,” he clarified. “Regarding absorption, there is even less surface area on the male genitals. ”

“If one used enough cannabis lube, theoretically, it could be consumed and you could experience some degree of intoxication,” he added. “However, this would require extraordinary circumstances that would not occur in normal life. ”

If you want to enjoy marijuana’s sexual consequences, Tishler recommends vaporized cannabis flower, which sets in fairly quickly and doesn’t have the toxic byproducts that vaporized oils sometimes do. He doesn’t suggest using edibles, which take a while to set in.

So, in short, there’s no science to prove that you’ll benefit from THC- or CBD-infused lube. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop you from conducting your own research — and your experiment just might have mind-blowing results.

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