Tranzbyte Finishes Week On Top of Other Marijuana Stocks

Investors held their breath Thursday as they watched the stock plummet to $0.0640 by close of business. The stock regained ground Friday morning trading at $0.075. By noon it had leveled off at the $0.080 mark it has enjoyed since March 24. Tranzbyte had hit a high note Tuesday morning trading at $0.01130, but closed at $0.0999.

Latest developments

Tranzbyte announced Tuesday via press release the completed agreement with IMD Companies Inc. (OTCMKTS: ICBU) to “… co-market their grow-oriented products, specifically the EMC-5000 Environmental Master Controller, which is able to provide constant management for grow room facilities for indoor gardens and the Jurassic Oxygenation System to augment the previously announced efforts with the Biocube Green Grow Systems sales efforts in the US.”

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