This Week’s Movers And Shakers In Pot Stocks

With so much news surrounding the medical marijuana industry, it’s amazing we didn’t see a surge of new medical marijuana companies rising from the smoke (sorry couldn’t help myself there). However, those that did take advantage of any good news got the boost. Those that didn’t just didn’t get talked about.

Here’s to this week’s marijuana stocks that kept all the penny stock investors on the edge of their seats. However, the realization of the volatility of this alleged cash crop is becoming more prevalent. According to an article published today by USA Today, the downward turn has already begun. The article said, “…But marijuana mania continues to fade as investors realize there’s more smoke than fire at many companies, which show “pot-tential” but little actual revenue. CannaVest, which specializes in industrial hemp production, had climbed to $201 a share last month. It closed up 11% to $68.10 Friday, but it’s lost nearly two-thirds of its market value…”

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