MassRoots Is The First-Ever IPO In Marijuana Industry


“Our whole thing is community, and opening the cannabis movement to the public marketplace is a huge step forward,” said Stewart Fortier, MassRoots’ chief technology officer and co-founder. “We see a public offering (IPO) as crowdfunding in the highest form — only accredited investors can get involved with these companies and that gives you the viability you need to keep growing.”

A social network platform for cannabis users, MassRoots, on April 9 secured the first initial public offering for any company with ties to the marijuana industry. The 2-year-old Denver-based startup is valued at $45 million, with stock now traded publicly through the OTC Markets Group marketplace at 10 cents per share.

Because of this IPO, marijuana has gone public and for all to see (and invest in, of course).

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