MAXX by Maximum Scientific Proves That Cannabis Vaping Can Be Flavor First

MAXX by Maximum Scientific Proves That Cannabis Vaping Can Be Flavor First

Like many long time cannabis vape users, I have been sold the idea that high powered vape batteries are wonderful at producing great big clouds of vapor and are therefore better. But what if a lower temp is the way to go?

High voltage vapes heat your cannabis oil to such high temperatures that you end up burning the oil, leading to irritated throats and lungs, ruined terpenes, and a loss in flavor. MAXX is different.

MAXX by Maximum Scientific was designed to pull the vaping world out of the heat with a low temp battery developed for optimal temperatures to best enjoy its flavor without affecting THC’s effects.

As vaping – and the average vaper – matures, the size of the vapor cloud becomes less important than flavor, lung health, and overall enjoyment of the vaping experience. In that sense, the MAXX vaping platform separates itself from the rest of the vapes on the market. 

Why MAXX Batteries?

It’s true that cannabis consumers have a nearly endless choice in vape batteries from which to choose. So why go with a MAXX battery from Maximum Scientific? Let’s look at the characteristics that make it stand out. 

The most obvious is that the MAXX moves away from universal 510 thread design and instead uses the new pod format made popular by vapes like JUUL. 

If you’ve never used a pod system vape pen like MAXX before, prepare to be blown away by how light and compact it is. Not only does this make it much easier to carry and hold in the hand, but it is also ultra discreet when used. This is a trait that is greatly appreciated by many vapers, even as cannabis use becomes more accepted. 

The MAXX battery gives you control over three variable heat settings, giving you freedom within an idealized temperature range that won’t overheat your cannabis oil or its tasty terpenes. All this comes from a battery that retails for just $25 online – less than many similarly styled batteries.

Secured Vaping System

Why move away from the largely universal 510 threaded battery when designing the MAXX? Part is that the company wanted to innovate a sleek modern battery in the pod style. But it is also because customer safety is paramount to Maximum Scientific. The company listened to extensive feedback in creating their vape system and designed it to optimize customer safety and satisfaction. 

The MAXX battery doesn’t work with just any vape pod available from your local dispensary. MAXX pods filled by Terpene Tanks work exclusively with the MAXX battery and no others. There is an excellent reason for this. 

We are not that far removed from the recent vape health crisis caused by unsafe counterfeit vapes being passed off to consumers as the real deal. These blackmarket and knockoff vapes aren’t held to the same lab testing restrictions as legit vapes, and as in the case of the health crisis, can contain toxic additives. The danger of knock off tanks is higher when vape manufacturers stick to the universal 510 hardware, which can be easily duplicated. 

The MAXX vaping platform has built-in protection against counterfeiters. When a genuine MAXX vape pod clicks into a MAXX battery, it will vibrate to indicate a legitimate connection and that it is ready for use. This is an important innovation that ultimately protects their customers. While not a required safety step, it demonstrates the lengths Maximum Scientific is willing to go to create safe products consumers can trust. 

It’s About the Terpenes

MAXX vapes were created to fill a void that the company saw in the vape market. While many brands primarily focus on potency and clouds of vapor, MAXX wanted to promote flavorful vaping.

When Maximum Scientific says that the MAXX vape battery preserves the flavor of their cannabis oil, what they mean is that they heat the oil to a temperature that allows terpenes flavors to be expressed most fully for tastier hits. 

MAXX vape pods, filled by their partner Terpene Tanks, are available in many popular and classic strain profiles, like Trainwreck, Wedding Cake, SFV OG, Durban Poison, and Maui Wowie. The terpene blends that give these strains their flavors and influence their effects help patients and recreational users alike to find targeted effects to meet their needs. 

Keeping it in House

With their partnership with Terpene Tanks, Maximum Scientific has kept the creation of their cannabis oils and hardware under the same “roof”, generating impressive results. 

Keeping the design and manufacturing of these products in-house is the only way to truly ensure that the battery is perfectly tuned for the oil being vaped. By sourcing oils from in-house farms, the company is able to closely control quality and potency, as well as ensure the supply necessary to meet growing consumer demand for their products. MAXX is a complete product that doesn’t leave customers wanting.

Where Can I Find MAXX Pods?

Although the batteries can be purchased anywhere online, MAXX vape pods are only currently available in Michigan’s legal cannabis markets. With about a half year behind them in the market, the brand has seen an outstanding response. Maximum Scientific is looking to perfect its business model and refine its product in Michigan before setting their sights on other legal cannabis states.  

Want to learn more about MAXX vapes or find a retailer near you? Check out the Maximum Scientific website.

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