Tweed Inc. To Start Trading Pot Stock Shares On Friday

Tweed, which operates out of a converted Hershey’s factory in Smiths Falls, Ont., has yet to ship any product to customers, but it started signing up patients in February. Its marijuana is expected to be ready for harvest and sale later this month.

“The ladies are doing very well,” Linton said, a reference to the fact that all marijuana plants in the company’s “mother room” are female (pollen from male plants makes the female plants less potent).

Tweed was one of the first companies to secure a license to grow and sell dried marijuana to patients under Health Canada’s new Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, which took effect April 1.

The new rules make it illegal for licensed marijuana patients to grow their own, or from small-scale growers, requiring all patients to buy from licensed manufacturers like Tweed.

But a court-granted injunction has allowed patients with a license to grow to continue to produce their own product until a trial is heard. Health Canada announced last week that it would appeal that temporary motion.

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