Say Bye-Bye To Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Marijuana itself is far from new, but publicly traded companies in the cannabis industry are somewhat new. The trend is here, legalization is picking up and the recreational and pharmaceutical use of cannabis is picking up nationally. Capturing this trend as a company could be extremely profitable – and this article is aimed to see if Medical Marijuana will profit or quiver away in the face of this great opportunity. Below, we will explore an overview and a wide range of factors affecting the company to clear the air.

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (OTCPK:MJNA) was the original marijuana medium when all of the hype broke out in the sector. The meteoric rise from tenths of a penny to nearly fifty cents a share was nothing short of a dream come true. At this time, an overview of the company itself and the company’s last fiscal year is in order, to see if management is chasing a tangible dream or just front running the trend of investment in marijuana companies.

Who Are They:

Medical Marijuana is an Oregon Corporation who provides a diversified set of products and services aimed directly at the cannabis and hemp industries. These products include patented cannabinoid-based products and extracts for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosemeceutical industries.

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