Investing In Medical Pot From Other Countries

There could very well emerge a Euro-American market, wherein European nations import marijuana-based products grown here in the U.S. I’m not sure Uncle Sam would object to the extra revenue. Let’s also not forget that medical marijuana is already legal in several states here in the U.S., and that Colorado and Washington have both actually legalized marijuana for recreational usage.

It’s no coincidence, surely, that Medical Marijuana Inc. has chosen this time to try and break into European markets. A European wave of marijuana legalization seems underway, and the company appears well-positioned to make the most of it.

The subsidiary company, Canipa Holdings, was created specifically to help Medical Marijuana Inc. expand through Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. The company works to obtain product and marketing approvals and also procure distribution partners and rights in various territories, according to Medical Marijuana’s portfolio of products.

HempsMedPX is a platform that offers distribution, contracting, and marketing for both the CannaVest Corp. and Medical Marijuana Inc. product portfolios. It covers a full range of services, including marketing, sales, customer service, and logistics, alongside distribution. It is, essentially, a communication hub of sorts for the companies under the umbrella of Medical Marijuana Inc.

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