Medical marijuana opening door to business opportunities

More than a decade after he retired from practicing podiatry, Dave Feller said he might be inclined to get back into the workforce due to the many employment opportunities that will open up now that medical marijuana has been legalized in the state of Pennsylvania.

“I want to see what medical conditions are allowed to be treated with medical marijuana and if podiatry is one of them,” said Dr. Feller, 65, of Butler. “If people are in pain and this law will allow treatment of medical marijuana, this is another avenue to use other than opiates and anti-inflammatories.”

The way he sees it, the medical marijuana industry could not only provide an alternative when it comes to treating patients in pain, it could be a way to supplement his retirement income.

Dr. Feller was among more than 160 people who packed a seminar held Sunday at Pittsburgh Marriott North in Cranberry, which was hosted by US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development. The Melbourne, Fla.-based consulting company hosted two sold-out events this weekend to educate people on the variety of ways they can play a role in what promises to be a profitable and fast-growing segment of legalized pain management.

People of all ages and from all walks of life paid $350 each to attend the comprehensive seminar that touched on how to obtain licenses for growing medical marijuana and operate dispensaries in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as issues related to the legal aspects, accounting, taxes, staffing, plant production and liabilities involved in the business.

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