Medical Marijuana Stocks Dropped, But Modern Mobility Aids, Inc. Stayed Up

The Monday sessions was characterized with more than normal volume of shares changing hands at 5.79 million shares against daily average volume of $1.97 million shares. The stock avoided the trouble that befell its peers due to its attractive prospects in the U.S. Changing course and staying course Modern Mobility Aids, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDRM) has evolved very much as a company.

First incorporated in 2007 as Glider Inc, the company had plans to sell and distribute mobility products for challenged individuals. The company changed name in April 2010 to Modern Mobility Aids but stayed its business course of selling and distributing mobility aids. But once again in February this year, the company decided to abandon the business of selling and distributing mobility aids to focus on healthcare industry and life sciences, with growing interest in production of medical cannabis. As at present, the company’s mandate is to put its resources in acquiring biopharmaceutical and alternative medicine companies.

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