CEO Of Creative Edge Answers Detractors

“The ‘world’s largest’ story came out when we did a deal with Growlife (OBB:PHOTStock Forum), and they dropped press releases saying it was going to be huge, so that’s where that came from,” he said when I raised the topic.
“I’ve never said that in any news release I’ve put out.”
Creative Edge has since disassociated with Growlife, when that company was faced with questions around share deals and was trade-halted by the SEC, launching the US sector into a minor freefall.
Regulators today issued a warning – the second in a month – telling investors to be cautious of trading in medical marijuana companies on the OTC, where Creative Edge is listed.
“So you won’t be building the world’s largest pot facility?” I asked.
“It will be the largest in Canada, and the world. We’ll do everything in our power to make that happen,” he replied.
“So.. I’m confused. How many square feet will it take to build the world’s largest pot facility?”
“I don’t know. I don’t have that number,” said Chabaan. “I have engineers, they deal with that. I can get it for you, I’m sure.”
I push for more and he says, “I’d have to get back to you. It can be done on a 10.3 acre property.”
This is a little odd to me, and I tell Chabaan so. If I ask the CEO of any other company how many square feet they’re building out, or plan to build out, they know. It’s the first thing they talk about. It’s on page one of their slide presentation.
But Chabaan doesn’t have the first number needed to back his claim.
“I employ the best people and they work that stuff out,” he says.
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