GHG Flying As Abattis Is Building An Empire

Speaking of big names, Tweed ( TSX:V.TWD , Stock Forum ) has brought in a bought financing deal worth potentially $19.5 million for ‘facility expansions and general corporate purposes’, at $3.20 per share.

The company, which is taking orders, backfilling with old-system-bought product, and generally dominating the scene with nearly 200,000 sq. ft of grow space, has no shortage of capital and a lot of US-based investor interest.

But with companies like the soon-to-be-public Bedrocan, not to mention a host of smaller players, nipping at their heels, any move to stay liquid and plan for growth isn’t silly thinking. Investors may fear the stock dilution coming from the deal, but with only 35.1 million shares out there, there’s a lot of room for future financing.

Though Tweed had definitely become less volatile in the weeks since it launched, I still think because of its first mover advantage and US penetration, anything under $4 is value for the stock but I also wonder about the long term viability of grow-only plays as US exports become increasingly likely and home growers continue to enjoy the current grey licensing period.

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