Global Hemp Group Targets African Hemp

It’s not a conversation starter. Hemp conventions will not include smoke pits and teenagers wont be all over Twitter boasting about their investments in it.

But if you look past the next twelve months at what happens when medical weed has such an oversupply that you cant get more than $3 a gram for it, and three companies have developed brands that generally dominate the industry like Starbucks, marijuana-associated industries are going to be where the money flows and where profits are made.

In short, do you want to own the drill, or the mill?

The GHG release today, for mine, is the first sign of an X100 plan out of a weed convert. And nobody cared.


Calgary-based Tilting Capital ( TSX:V.TLL.H , Stock Forum ) may not ring any bells for you, but that’s the listing that is going to be RTOed by MMJ Bioscience , a Duncan, B.C.-based private company with 14,000 sq. ft. of growing already in play and multiple proprietary strains of IP in stock, along with a purchase of a 62,000 sq. ft. facility to grow into.

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