Medigreen Holdings Corp. (RFMK.PK)

Medigreen Holdings Corp. is a Nevada-based holding company for a number of businesses, and focuses on developing, producing, and distributing vapor inhaler products for medical cannabis patients and for users of nicotine and herbs around the world. The company develops and sells solutions for vaporizing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) for the medical marijuana industry, nicotine, as well as herbs for casual users. They also provide consulting, marketing, and management services within the medical cannabis industry.

The company’s core business is the Vapor Inhaler, which is the technology utilized for CANNAcig Vapor Inhaler and its follow-on products, such as the Pocket Puffer dry herbal vaporizer and Power Pocket Puffer. The CANNAcig, which was introduced in the vaporizer market in 2012, is the most discreet and the smallest vapor inhaler on the market today. Using Cannabis Vapor Inhaler technology, the device is superior to any other vaporizing device on the market. The company believes that the Vapor Inhaler has the biggest opportunity in the retail market, where the device is sold without the active ingredient.

The objectives of Medigreen Holdings are consumer focused. They create and will continue to create highly-innovative vaporizing products, and to become a market leader in the industry, never allowing a competitor to get ahead of their technological developments. The company also aims to develop customer and brand loyalty by developing the most cost-effective, most innovative products on the market, and to use the customers’ loyalty to develop renewable payment revenue streams.

Medigreen Holdings, trading on the OTC markets under the stock symbol RFMK.PK, seeks to dominate the market by quickly achieving their profitability goals, and using the company’s profits in reinvesting into development of new products, market share strategies, and customer loyalty program.

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