Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR)

mentorMentor Capital, Inc is a publicly traded private equity firm that invests in and acquires medical and social cannabis companies. It provides passive equity funding to smaller companies, invests in shelf IPOs, and aims to provide public market access to founders and owners of small businesses.

According to the company’s website, it is authorized to raise USD 23 M from the public market. A cannabis company wanting to get public market funding may trade in 10% to 60% of its business with Mentor Capital. Through its investing approach and capital structure, Mentor is looking to deliver higher prices to company founders for smaller slices of their businesses.

Mentor Capital’s portfolio includes Nevada Cannabis Ventures, MicroCannaBiz, LLC, Bhang Financial, Bhang Medicinal Chocolate (though this company’s agreement with Mentor is in dispute), GW Pharmaceuticals (with the largest index holding), Brighter Day Health, Shaw Capital Management, and Waste Consolidators, Inc.

Though Mentor Capital reaches both the medical and recreational marijuana industries, it states that it prefers to focus on the medical aspect. The company has even invested in the cancer immunotherapy sector, but plans to completely shift to the cannabis sector eventually.

Founded in 1985, Mentor Capital was formerly the Main Street Athletic Clubs, a chain of gyms in California. It was reinvented as Mentor Capital, Inc in 2008, and started to make investments in the cancer sector. Mentor states that when this sector experienced a collapse, the company decided to switch to the cannabis space.

In the OTC markets, Mentor Capital, Inc trades under the symbol MNTR, with a market cap of USD 5.51 M. Its company leaders are Chester Billingsley, Founder, CEO, and President; Lori J. Stansfield, CFO; and James J. Blazeck, Director.

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