Michigan sets health standards for medical cannabis Companies

Michigan sets health standards for medical cannabis businesses

It may be OK for lawful users to lick cannabis pre-rolls, but it’s not permitted inside a medical marijuana facility.

That’s one of Michigan’s health and security rules issued in advance of the state’s new MMJ regulatory regime.

An advisory bulletin this week from the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) follows one final month that cautioned medical marijuana provisioning centers – the approved term – not to call themselves or promote their own companies as “dispensaries. ”

The new bulletin warns of additional “examples of practices with the potential for contamination,” such as:

  • Touching bud with a single ’s bare hands or after touching one’s eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Packaging bud on surfaces that harbor ’t been properly sanitized.

Michigan is restructuring its medical marijuana business , one of the largest in the country, as a result of a 2016 law aimed at tightening regulations and addressing past loopholes and ambiguities.

The state’s review of software, however, has bogged down, and authorities recently extended the licensing deadline until Sept. 15 for businesses to be permitted to stay open under temporary acceptance.

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