Namaste reaffirms its intention to list the company on the NASDAQ Exchange and provides update on Share Pledge Party

Due to Business developments and a recent increase in its share price, the organization is currently closer to fulfilling the requirements. Based on the corporation’s current share price, and the anticipated growth in sales through the launching of its accessibility to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (“ACMPR”) sales license, the Company now plans on reaching the share-price target organically with no share consolidation.

By up-listing to the NASDAQ, the Company believes it will get new exposure and access to a larger base of retail and institutional investors in the US and globally. The NASDAQ is well-known as a technology exchange and with Namaste being a technology company in the cannabis space, direction feels that the up-listing would bring substantial value.

The organization believes that the up-listing will allow the ability to capitalize on investment and help bring awareness to its technology platform that is revolutionary to Namaste. The NASDAQ will provide a place for Namaste to unlock the value of its technology assets and bring awareness to its role in the cannabis market that is world.

While cannabis-industry investors have been focused on cultivators, the organization believes that commoditization of cannabis will lead to eventual consolidation across the sector and a cost per g. As the market evolves, Namaste anticipates that a greater amount of pressure will be put on cultivators to integrate innovate technology, e-commerce and marketing strategies to ensure their competitiveness in the industry. Namaste is available to offer product from many cultivators and is a stage. The business will focus on beginning in Canada, expanding its product offering to include top quality brands that will provide invaluable exposure for its partners and launching in markets around the world.

Throughout global partnerships its technology platforms and its own customer base, Namaste is well positioned to solidify itself as an innovator and industry leader in cannabis technology.

Namaste currently operates the largest online marketplace selling products that are ancillary that are cannabis in 20 countries and on 30 websites. The business maintains a database of over 1.5 million clients that it will leverage with its various technology platforms as it enters a new phase of its strategy in incorporating cannabis sales within its platform.

Cannmart is operational and once Cannmart’s license is received, the Company believes that its technology resources will play an significant part as it seems to create its own ecosystem of products and services. In which the Company maintains market share this platform, in conjunction with NamasteMD will lend itself to Namaste in enlarging cannabis products into global markets that are emerging.

The business is also pleased to announce that the Namaste Pledge Party, which is being held in Montreal on September 12th, 2018 has reached capacity. The party will feature presentations from celebrity performances and Namaste’s management group, party sponsors. Shareholders pledged over 140M shares, representing over 50% of the market capitalization of the Company.

The share pledge was the first of its kind and has brought together shareholders in solidarity from across the planet.  Marc Mulvaney, founder of Namaste’s platform will be on-site to interview shareholders and direction during the business’s live-streamed event. Namaste announcing and will be introducing its partners who have flown from around the world. The party will be streamed live at the link.

The business welcomes new and current shareholders to combine its one-of-a-kind Namaste 420 Live YouTube Live Stream featuring Namaste co-founder and CEO, Sean Dollinger each Wednesday at 420 PM EST.. This week’s special edition Namaste420 that is streamed live from the event can be seen at the link below.

Sean Dollinger, President and CEO of Namaste remarks:”We are extremely excited to be getting nearer to listing our Business on a larger globally diversified exchange. It is extremely rewarding to see the industry start to value our Business more closely in relation to our peers.

After receiving hundreds of emails and phone calls from shareholders, I would like to assure our shareholders that we aren’t contemplating a share consolidation at the moment and we’ll continue working as hard as we can to attain listing of our shares on the NASDAQ. It would be a vote of confidence for the Company should our share-price reach the threshold needed to enable us to record on the market, having achieved this milestone that is incredible .

We are extremely proud and we’ve created. We believe it is an integral part of our success moving forward, as we look to unlock the true value of the organization.”

Namaste Technologies is Your Everything Cannabis Store™. Namaste operates the largest global cannabis e-commerce platform with more than 30 websites in 20 countries under different brands. Vaporizers, glassware, accessories, CBD products are included by namaste’s product offering through its subsidiaries, and the business will sell medical cannabis in the Canadian market, subject to approval by Health Canada.

Findify uses artificial intelligence algorithms to optimize and customize a customer’s on-site purchasing experience. Namaste is focused on leveraging its technology to enhance the user experience during its platforms.  Namaste will continue to develop and acquire innovative technologies that will provide value to the organization and to its shareholders as well as to the cannabis industry that is wider.


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