Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. (TSX.V:NSP; OTCQB:NSPDF)

nseTouting itself as the first publicly traded hemp food company in the globe, Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd is a Vancouver-based company whose “superfoods” are derived from hemp. It develops, licenses, commercializes, and sells products nutritional enhancers and pet care products. The company also conducts research and development on hemp-based food products, for which it has received government funding.

Naturally Splendid currently has three product lines: HempOmega, Natera, and PawsitiveFX.

HempOmega is a group of plant-based nutritional powders derived from hemp oil and designed to provide the nutrients Omega 3 and 6. The product varieties under this line include H2Omega, ChiaOmega, and AlgaeOmega. Naturally Splendid developed this line through an exclusive partnership with Boreal Technologies Group.

Natera, meanwhile, is the hemp foods retail line of Naturally Splendid. Its products include hemp seeds and hemp protein powders. These are sold in various stores locations across Canada and through the Natera website.

Lastly, PawsitiveFX is Naturally Splendid’s pet care line. It offers pet balms and shampoos, which are also sold in stores as well as online.

Naturally Splendid has been granted federal and provincial government funding for its research and development focused on hemp foods. It has also received financial support from the National Research Council of Canada to develop a proprietary delivery system for its hemp oil Omega products.

The company officially began in January 2008 “as a small private company”, retailing hemp foods under the name Naturally Splendid. It grew to become Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd, and went public in February 2013. Today, the company, which is still based in Vancouver, Canada, has a market value of $14,083,351. Leading the company are CEO Jon Craig Goodwin, CFO Charles Edward Jenkins, and VP for Operations Bryan Carson.

Naturally Splendid Enterprises trades on the TSX Venture Exchange as NSP, on OTCQB as NSPDF, and on the Frankfurt Exchange as 50N.F.

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