Neutra Corporation (NTRR)

logoNeutra Corporation is an early-stage company that delves in the research and development of health and wellness solutions, including cannabis-related products. The company has only recently begun production of commercial products; most of its endeavors so far have focused on building the business and forming partnerships.

Together with one of its joint venture partners Vertigo Technologies, Inc, Neutra Corp announced in October 2014 that it has started manufacturing a plant-blooming system. It features a 108-square feet growing area equipped with environmental controls and energy support. The production is done through Contain A Grow, a producer of self-contained horticulture systems, which was acquired by Vertigo Technologies in September.

Neutra Corp plans to manufacture more similar systems, eventually providing new technologies for safer, more reliable access to medical cannabis and other nutraceuticals. Some of the other products it has intended to offer are anti-aging, cognitive support, detoxifiers, immunity support, mood and sleep support, gastrointestinal support, and vitamins and minerals.

Aside from Vertigo Technologies, the company’s joint venture partners include: Purlife Distributors, Inc for antimicrobial solutions for indoor and outdoor surfaces; Field of View Technologies LLC for cannabis inhalation systems; Second Wave Ventures LLC for nutraceutical products; and Surface to Air Solutions LLC for horticultural products.

Neutra Corp was founded and incorporated in 2011. Its business strategy is building brand recognition by educating and supporting healthcare practitioners, producers, and consumers. Thus, the company targets organizations such as the American Holistic Medical Association, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the American Dietetic Association.

Currently, Neutra Corp is traded in the OTC markets under the symbol NTRR, and with a market cap of USD 4.75 M. It is led by company President and CEO Chris Brown.

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