Nevada regulators OK a marijuana-gaming relationship

Marijuana shops with slot machines? Casinos with gamblers drawing vape-pens?

Not yet. But early inroads are possibly being made.

The Nevada Gaming Commission mastered a gaming license holder can lease a building from a businessman who also rents to someone in the marijuana industry, the vegas Review-Journal reported.

It’s the first time Nevada gaming regulators have had to decide whether someone with a gambling license was too closely associated with a marijuana business, according to the newspaper.

It’s not clear if the judgment means a casino and marijuana business could now be in the identical building owned by the exact landlords, and a gaming commission official wasn’t available for comment.

The ruling stems from a lease signed by Stuart Apollo, a gaming license holder who planned to open The Lodge tavern in Henderson and outfit it with 15 slot machines, the Review-Journal reported.

Gambling commission investigators, however, found that the landlords of the land also had contracts with people in Nevada’s marijuana industry and decided that regulators would not approve of gambling license holders and marijuana business holders conducting business with each other.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board then recommended approval of Apollo’s petition, according to the newspaper, and the gaming commission – that has final say – agreed.

Published at Fri, 18 May 2018 22:15:30 +0000

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