Next Gen Metals Invests With Green Rush Financial Conferences

Several junior public companies listed on the TSX Venture and Canadian Securities Exchange have been rushing into the medical marijuana industry after new regulations in Canada allowed licensed producers to grow the controversial drug on a commercial scale, but many of these businesses require assistance in starting up.

In late March, Next Gen made its first investment with Green Rush Financial Conferences, which aims to become the premier purveyor of investment/financial conferences for medical marijuana, industrial hemp and alternative medicine.  The goal is to provide a platform/hub to facilitate investment, education and business-to-business opportunities, says Next Gen’s president and CEO Harry Barr, also the founder and chairman of the International Metals Group who has more than 30 years of public and private company experience, with a focus on acquisitions, financing and development.

Green Rush’s first conference, which is nearly sold out, is taking place on May 7 in Vancouver, with the next event set for June in Toronto. Afterward, the plan is to host conferences throughout Canada, moving on to major centres in the U.S. and Europe, where Barr plans on leveraging his existing network of mining contacts.

“Our first deal is creating income as we speak, generating revenue every day,” says Barr. The chief executive is planning to invest in 10 or more such companies in the next couple of years, helping them grow into “much bigger enterprises.”

“Before deciding to enter these industries, I asked myself: ‘what do I do best?’ The answer was to raise venture capital and manage public companies.”

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