NHL No Longer NHL: Pot Company Prompted To Change Stock Name

Nutritional-High-International-IncTo many people in North America and the world – and especially in Canada – the NHL stands for National Hockey League. Over the past few months, however, this acronym has been shared by a legal marijuana company, which has now been prompted to use a different acronym for itself.

Nutritional High International, Inc is a Toronto-based company that develops marijuana edibles and oil extracts. Founded in 2014 and conducting its IPO in March 2014, it had been trading in the Canadian Securities Exchange under the stock symbol “NHL”. That is, until the National Hockey League demanded it to change that ticker.

Company CEO David Posner released a statement last week announcing that Nutritional High International is changing its Canadian symbol to “EAT”. He explained that the symbol change is “to avoid possible legal costs” even though the company believes it is “on solid legal ground.”

In the same statement, Posner wittily cited a different event in hockey league history, where the Quebec Nordiques had to rebrand as the Colorado Avalanche and won the Stanley Cup in the same year. “We’re honored to follow in [their] footsteps… Why fight a winning formula?” Posner quipped.

Despite this change in the company’s Canadian side, Nutritional High International continues to trade in the US OTCQB as “SPLIF”.

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