Ohio awards seven provisional medical cannabis processing licenses

Ohio awards seven provisional medical cannabis processing licenses

Ohio regulators on Friday granted seven provisional medical marijuana processing licenses, and six more potential licensees are pending tax and background checks.

The country, which received 104 processing software, is permitted to award up to 40 provisional licenses.

The processing licenses move the state “over one of the final barriers to getting the program fully operational,” Thomas Rosenberger, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association of Ohio, noted in a statement.

State regulators recently gave the first go-ahead to a cultivator to start planting marijuana, after approving 25 provisional cultivation licenses.

Still, Ohio seems to remain months behind schedule to satisfy up with the need to have a fully operational MMJ market by Sept. 8.

The seven successful provisional processing licensees (with their scores) are:

While an applicant can receive only one provisional license, they were permitted to apply for different locations: Greenleaf, by way of example, has 10 days to select its location.

Ohio’s medical marijuana law permits oils, tinctures, plant material, edibles and patches. The law prohibits the use of medical marijuana by sanding or smoking, even though it does allow vaping.

The Marijuana Business Factbook 2018 recently projected that Ohio will generate upwards of $300 million a year several years following its launch.

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