Oildale residents oppose medical marijuana dispensary

Medical marijuana dispensaries, they’re landing everywhere, even right next door to homes.And some Oildale residents are speaking out after a shop opened in their community and many residents are fed up.

If you happen to be in the Oildale area recently, you may have noticed a new building – it’s called Sequoia Medicinal. It’s one of the smallest buildings on the block, located next to a food market, but surrounded by homes.

Although medical marijuana relieves pain for many, some Oildale neighbors wish the shop wasn’t so close to where they live.

“I don’t think it should be on the same street as a school, we have Standard school down the street, and the kids walk from all the way down there to here, so I don’t think it’s something they should learn about,” said Sammantha Smith, Oildale resident

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