Omnicanna Health Solutions Inc. (OTCMKTS: ENDO)

CHYVmTA5_400x400Omnicanna Health Solutions, formerly named Endocan Corporation, focuses on developing natural cannabis-based products to utilize the benefits of cannabis and hemp plants. The company is committed to developing effective cannabinoid (CBD) formulation-based solutions for health and wellness, as well as cosmeceutical and nutraceutical solutions throughout the world. Its formulation-based products include natural oil extracts sunscreen, lip balm, eczema moisturizing cream, and anti-ageing serum. The company also develops products to for treatment of critical ailments.

The philosophy of Omnicanna Health Solutions is to develop and bring the best products possible to the entire world. Millions of people suffer from life-threatening conditions despite scientific advances. Omnicanna is committed to providing innovative cannabinoid-based solutions to meet the ever growing health and wellness needs through science and research, new products, and strong leadership.

The product lines of the Omnicanna continue to mature toward critical care for patients suffering from critical and life-threatening ailments such as HIV and cancer, dementia, high blood pressure, and autoimmune disease. The company takes advantage of the potent and unique benefits of cannabinoid, the natural compound derived from the Cannabis plants. Products based on cannabinoid are the ideal solution for many ailments and medical conditions.

Omnicanna Health Solutions strives to become known as one of the world’s quintessential brands. The company believes that it will capture a large portion of the market as Omnicanna becomes a household name. The company offers unique, natural products for people with its innovative products and branding identity. The formulations they develop include proprietary natural oil extracts to ensure that the products they offer are effective and of high quality.

Omnicanna Health Solutions, trading in the OTC market under the symbol ENDO, have developed product lines with sales that are expected to grow into hundreds of millions of dollars upon realization of full global expansion and franchising opportunities.

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