Oregon Edibles Will Be Less Potent Than Other States

At the start of this year, Oregon lawmakers have been steadily working towards the goal of eventually having separate recreational and medical marijuana markets. The Oregon Health Administration will run the medical marijuana market and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission would govern the recreational market – in the meantime, adults 21 and older are able to purchase marijuana through medical marijuana dispensaries.

Since October, the early access program for adult use of marijuana has been allowing the sale of marijuana flower as well as young marijuana plants – however, until now things such as edibles and extracts have been completely off limits for anyone who does not hold a medical marijuana card.

This last week there were two big decisions made for the future of adult marijuana users and the selection they are offered. The first thing is Governor Kate Brown signed a bill which changes the marijuana industry in Oregon in a big way – by integrating the medical and recreational markets.

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