Cannabis Science (cbis) 469% The Company Specializes In The Development Of Cannabinoid-based Medications And Recently Announced A Collaborative Research Agreement With Dana Farber/harvard Cancer Center.

Our flagship products include CanChew, a CBD-based controlled release chewing gum, and MedChew Rx, a combination CBD/THC gum that is undergoing clinical trials for the treatment of pain and spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis. MJNA is also an investor in AXIM. In late October the stock was trading just under $0.50 moved... more →
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The Yakima Planning Commission Voted In Favor Of A 1,000 Foot Buffer For Marijuana-related Businesses.

The Yakima Planning Commission voted in favor of a 1,000 foot buffer for marijuana-related Medical marijuana businesses. (MASON TRINCA/Yakima Herald-Republic) Yakima Planning Commission votes on 1,000-foot buffer for marijuana businesses Buy Now Teresa Crawford This map from the City of Yakima shows where marijuana businesses could... more →
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Can you overdose on marijuana? In the U.S., cannabis is a Schedule I banned substances. Drugs in this category are defined as the most dangerous. Along with weed, this category includes things like heroin. The government’s argument is that cannabis is dangerous, and that’s why it needs to be illegal. But is this really true?... more →
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Scientists to Government: Make It Easier to Study Marijuana

Even as more and more states allow their residents to use marijuana, the federal government is continuing to obstruct scientists from studying whether the drug is good or bad for people’s health. A report published last week by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine points out that scientists who want to study... more →
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6 Ways To Consume Cannabis Without Smoking It

Ask anyone who’s thought about trying cannabis for the first time how they imagine themselves using it. They’ll all probably say something similar. Whether it’s a bong, a blunt, a joint, or a bowl, most newbies who think about using cannabis think about smoking it. But today, smoking represents just a fraction of the methods... more →
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Cannabis farmers seek legal way to grow

  San Diego County has farmers who have worked in the region’s rural residential and commercial agricultural zones for generations. Many of these residents would like to continue this tradition — not by growing avocados or tomatoes — but by lawfully growing cannabis and hemp on their existing properties. This may prove... more →
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The city of Amsterdam has been shutting down coffee houses and cafes recently as part of a bargain with the national government. The Dutch government has been instituting what it calls the Weed Pass. This is a new policy that restricts non-Dutch nationals from using cannabis coffee houses and cafes. Since Amsterdam’s coffee house... more →
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Why Marijuana Marketing Will Be Bigger Than Ever This Year The 2016 election helped pave the way By Janet Stilson

The cannabis business had some big wins during this year’s election. Now, that’s stimulating predictions of major greenback growth along with ever-more sophisticated marketing strategies on the part of cannabis companies. In November, citizens of four states—California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada—voted to approve... more →
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