Match Made In Heaven: Rec Pot Shop Teams Up With Brewery

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado was a turning point for many businesses in the state. Not only did it open up a huge market for the marijuana industry, it also created plenty of opportunities for more traditional businesses to innovate. A recent example: well-known Colorado microbrewery Oskar Blues is planning... more →
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Marijuana Can Be Cause Of Adolescent Excessive Daytime Sleep

Onset of narcolepsy is most likely to begin in childhood or adolescence. Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) is one of the most common symptoms, whereby an individual suddenly falls asleep, regardless of whether or not they have had sufficient sleep. Other symptoms may include sudden episodes of muscle weakness called cataplexy, sleep... more →
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Oldest Marijuana Dispensary In California Has A Knight In Shining Armor And It’s A Federal Judge

Judge Jon S. Tigar of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order on Friday stating that Berkeley Patients Group, a 15-year-old pot shop that bills itself as California’s oldest, can continue to operate while the court considers pending litigation. Victor Pinho, BPG’s director of marketing, told The Huffington... more →
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California Medical Marijuana Update

Three members of Congress from California say the U.S. Justice Department “overstepped its bounds” by trying to shutter a large medical marijuana dispensary in Oakland as a federal court case against the Harborside Health Center continues. “As members of Congress who have been involved in passage of the Rohrabacher-Farr language... more →
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Businessman Wants To Venture Into Medical Pot, Gets Support

Berndt has received support for his firm, Compassionate Relief Centers of New York, Inc., to cultivate and process medical cannabis at its facility at 15 Plains Road from a number of local boards. The town boards of Jackson and White Creek and the village boards in Greenwich and Cambridge all voted unanimously to support the company... more →
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Pot Vending Machines Poised To Transform Industry

The marijuana industry is abuzz with another first after American Green, Inc unveiled Seattle’s first pot vending machine called ZaZZZ on Monday. The machine not only makes marijuana dispensing easier and more convenient, it also indicates a technologically advanced future for marijuana retail. The ZaZZZ machine is outfitted with... more →
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Washington State’s Cannabis-Tracking Deal Criticized

Washington State’s emerging cannabis industry is tied at the hip with its burgeoning technology sector. Not only are many tech companies now catering to the marijuana market, but robust product tracking data is also essential to avoid federal pre-emption of state-level marijuana legalization. However, the state’s agreement with... more →
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Another Ohio Marijuana Ballot Issue Submitted

The legal cannabis industry in Ohio is seeing a brighter future as a new pro-marijuana ballot issue has been turned in on Thursday (February 12). The ballot petition is from the group Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis. It is not to be confused with another marijuana petition group, ResponsibleOhio. In their petition, Responsible Ohioans... more →
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3 Marijuana Stocks Making News

It’s an exciting time for the marijuana industry as more investors – and mainstream ones, at that – are publicly recognizing the viability of pot companies. While there are already companies standing out as leaders, the industry is also filled with startups and newsmakers making their own mark in the marijuana space. Here are... more →
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