Risks Of Investing In Medical Marijuana Exposed By GW Pharmaceuticals

Unfortunately for the two companies, Sativex did not show it was statistically better at managing pain than a sugar pill placebo. The companies evaluated Sativex’s performance on two different scales, and the drug failed to hit its target on both. In addition, 19% of patients withdrew from treatment because of adverse events... more →
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Medical Pot Augments Efficacy Of Other Medicines According To Study

An international team of investigators from Australia and England assessed the use of cannabis among a cohort of 1514 Australians who had been prescribed pharmaceutical opioids for chronic non-cancer pain. Cannabis is often administered as an analgesic agent by chronic pain patients, many of whom report that it augments the pain-relieving... more →
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Medical Marijuana Amendment Losing Battle?

A poll commissioned by SaintPetersBlog and taken by St. Pete Polls, unveiled on Monday, shows 52 percent of those surveyed support Amendment 2, the proposal to expand medical marijuana and embed it in the Constitution; 39 percent oppose it and the remaining voters are undecided. When the undecided voters are asked if they are leaning... more →
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News Update On New Hampshire Medical Marijuana

Another bill would require the state to start issuing identification cards to people eligible for medical marijuana “no later than July 23, 2015.” This comes almost a year after the attorney general’s office said the state should refrain from issuing the cards “prior to the availability of a lawful source of cannabis in New... more →
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FutureWorld Receives Major Shipment of CBD Oil

FutureWorld Corp. (OTCQB; FWDG), a leading provider of advanced technologies and solutions to the global cannabis industry, announces today that the Company has received its first major shipment of organic, high quality, CBD oil, for the purpose of distributing CBD-based Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceutical products. The Company has... more →
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Amid Medical Marijuana Fight, Terminal Cancer Patient Dies

Dottie Mackenzie confirmed Tuesday that her 49-year-old son, Benton Mackenzie, died Monday at his home in Long Grove, near Davenport. Benton Mackenzie had been growing marijuana to create medicinal oil to consume and apply to his tumors. He was sentenced in September 2014 to three years of probation for conspiring to grow marijuana.... more →
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It’s Up To Rauner Now, Says Quinn Regarding Medical Pot Licenses

Multiple sclerosis patient Julie Falco, of Chicago, said she’s disappointed by the delay. “Here we sit again at the whims of the politicians and what they decide they’re going to do,” Falco said. Medical marijuana advocates will push the Rauner administration to act, she said. Quinn’s administration... more →
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First Certificate For Medical Pot Dispensary Issued By Massachusetts

Alternative Therapies Group has been approved to operate a dispensary site in Salem and a cultivation site in Amesbury.  The awarding of the certificate comes more than two years after voters approved a state ballot question allowing up to 35 outlets to sell marijuana to patients suffering from conditions including cancer, HIV,... more →
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