North Toledo Is Next Site For Medical Marijuana Operations

DeWine, a Republican, has called the proposal a stupid idea, but he cannot block the proposed amendment simply because he doesn’t like it. ResponsibleOhio has released a partial list of investors to date but has not identified which investment group will be attached to the North Toledo site. Chris Stock, a Cincinnati lawyer... more →
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Up-And-Coming Marijuana Firms To Focus On

With the flood of companies being launched or starting to foray into the marijuana industry, it would be wise for potential investors to know their options well. While some stocks do have the potential to grow into fortunes, many are also little more than schemes and promises. Here’s a sampling of the cannabis companies that have... more →
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FDA On Carly’s Law And CBD Oil

On Wednesday, the University of Alabama at Birmingham heard from the Food and Drug Administration about Carly’s Law, only one day after the father of Carly Chandler complained about red tape before the Alabama Legislature. The law, signed by Gov. Robert Bentley in April, allows for adults and children with neurological disorders... more →
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Pot Penny Stocks That Have Went Down The Drain Since Highs Of 2014

After the marijuana penny stock craze of 2014, several names have since crashed and burned. Medbox is an example of the extreme turbulence in the group, reaching a closing high of $73.90 on January 7, 2014. This was the reason why a lot of investment experts have been telling people never to put much trust and confidence on marijuana... more →
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Medical Cannabis Advocate Undergoes Surgery

A person cannot get high from CBD oil because it has no psychoactive properties. Hemp plants are high in CBD and very low in THC, the substance that makes a marijuana smoker high. Marijuana plants are high in THC, low in CBD. For Vanderbilt graduate Itamar Shapira his Dec. 19 surgery has not lessened his frustration that CBD oil,... more →
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Petition For Marijuana Growing Locations Organized By Group

“I just don’t think it makes good sense to build large facilities for a marijuana plant when it may be legal in one state but the federal government says it’s illegal in all states,” Maloney said. The proposal also identifies a 35 acre site in Licking County as a growing location. The property, on Mink Rd... more →
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Marijuana Could Fight Or Potentially Cure These 5 Diseases

The costs to treat schizophrenia range from $32.5 billion to $65 billion annually.  In 2012, a study published in Translational Psychiatry hinted that cannabinoid CBD may prove to be an attractive substitute for current antipsychotic treatments. In total, the study examined 39 patients, dosing 20 with CBD and 19 with amisulpride. While... more →
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Limited CBD-Only Legislation For Medical Pot Filed in Texas

If passed, these bills would only allow patients with intractable epilepsy access to oils with up to .5% THC and a minimum of 10% CBD content. The legislation places the programs hands in the Texas Department of Public Safety not the Texas Department of State Health Services. These bills call for at least 3 high CBD oil dispensaries... more →
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Medical Marijuana May See Better Days Because Of Pennsylvania Bill

The bill (SB3) has been referred to the State Government Committee. SB3 would create a State Board of Medical Cannabis Licensing program that would allow the growing and dispensing of medical marijuana by licensed individuals for use by qualifying patients. The board would be able to license up to 65 medical marijuana processors. Qualifying... more →
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Medical Pot Backers: Proposal Not Enough

But some medical marijuana advocates are reluctant to support the proposed Texas Compassionate Use Act, calling it “appeasement legislation” that would do little to help Texans with epilepsy — and nothing for those with other diseases that can be treated with medical marijuana, such as cancer. Among those advocates... more →
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