Bayhorse Silver To Explore Potential Medical Marijuana Business Opportunities

Bayhorse Silver has already provided its shareholders with shares in two new companies that have been spun off to its shareholders recently through Plans of Arrangement. Archean Star Resources, which was spun off through Plans of Arrangement to Bayhorse shareholders in January of 2011, and Silcom Systems Inc, which was spun off... more →
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Tweed Marijuana Stocks: 3rd Most Traded In Canada Went Up To 183% Last Friday

Over the weekend, the Smith Falls, Ontario-based company disclosed that it purchased over 60 new strains of medical marijuana seeds and plants from licensed growers. The firm’s current market value is $89 million. Tweed will sell 25 strains to Canadian patients for $5-$12 per gramme, shipping included. Minimum order is 1 gramme,... more →
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Big And Small Businessmen Hope To Take Advantage Of Changes In Federal Medical Marijuana

It’s not a common site anywhere in Canada, and to see it is a revelation of industrial marijuana production. It’s also one of 281 points of quality control CanniMed’s parent company, Prairie Plant Systems (PPS), developed in its 13 years of supplying Health Canada with medical marijuana. CanniMed grows medical marijuana for... more →
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Investing In Medical Pot From Other Countries

There could very well emerge a Euro-American market, wherein European nations import marijuana-based products grown here in the U.S. I’m not sure Uncle Sam would object to the extra revenue. Let’s also not forget that medical marijuana is already legal in several states here in the U.S., and that Colorado and Washington have... more →
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Colorado Pot Store Owner Under Indictment Sued State Regulators

The Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division issued notices of denial this week to two Denver medical marijuana dispensaries, Higher Health Medical and Jane Medical, according to exhibits included with the lawsuit. The notices list a number of alleged violations, including growing more plants than allowed, not having adequate security... more →
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THC To Explore Net Gram Royalties In Medical Pot

NGR provides non-equity funding to licensed producers (“LPs”) of medical marijuana. Its goal is to provide diversified risk mitigated exposure to the medical marijuana market for investors, and a robust supply of medical marijuana for patients. NGR will meet this rapidly growing demand for funding in the medical marijuana... more →
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