CBD Regs For Florida May Come Out Soon

The Florida Department of Health was ordered by a judge on Nov. 14 to rewrite its rules on the program, which will allow registered patients with severe forms of epilepsy and other debilitating diseases to buy CBD oils, according to the Orlando Sentinel. A law passed last spring created the health department’s Office of Compassionate... more →
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Spotlight on Cannabis Security Companies

During the recent Marijuana Business Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, many cannabis entrepreneurs – or “ganjapreneurs” – gathered, networked, and discussed new business ideas in the industry. The ever-expanding marijuana space presents more opportunities for innovations and businesses. According to CNBC’s Kate Rogers,... more →
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Are Experts Changing Their Minds About Marijuana Stocks?

Financial experts in mainstream media have traditionally been wary of the growing marijuana industry, often advising people against investing in it even though it has shown long-term potential. This opposition comes from the conventional wisdom that the industry is uncertain due to ongoing legal issues and the “time horizon”... more →
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Marijuana Companies Among Most Explored Penny Stocks

A couple of cannabis companies were included in the recent list of most explored penny stocks, compiled by investment news organization Street Newswire. The marijuana companies were Cannabis Sativa, Inc and Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. Cannabis Sativa, Inc (CBDS – OTCBB), touting itself as a “hi” brand, now has three of... more →
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What You Should Be Aware Of In Marijuana Investing

As the marijuana industry gets bigger and louder, lawyers are seeing an increase in clients seeking legal assistance in investing in cannabis business entities. Leading marijuana business lawyer Hilary Bricken wrote on the Canna Law Blog that while investments are never simple, marijuana investments are even more challenging. Firstly,... more →
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Why America Is Coming Together On Marijuana

The criminalization of pot has been deemed “one of the most divisive” topics in America for decades, but recent discourse and progress regarding its legalization shows that it is now less polarizing. This is the premise of Adam Stites, founder of the Washington State cannabis beverage company Mirth Provisions, in his recent article... more →
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8 Standout Marijuana Companies From Denver Expo

Beyond the herb itself, the marijuana industry encompasses various supplementary businesses such as those dealing with agricultural tools, supplies, company listings, and even staffing. The recent Indo Expo, held in Denver, Colorado earlier this month, gathered many of these companies in one marijuana trade show. Here are eight that... more →
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New Tips Emerge For Would-Be Marijuana Entrepreneurs

As marijuana becomes more attractive as an industry, many people from various professions are drawn to start businesses in this space. But with the host of regulatory and financial hurdles, not to mention the numerous ways cannabis can be used, new entrepreneurs in this industry often need help in navigating it. This is why those... more →
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Two Producers Of Medical Pot Chosen By Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Health chose Minnesota Medical Solutions, or MinnMed, and LeafLine Labs from a field of 12 applicants, ending a weeks-long selection process. Both companies are led by local physicians but will collaborate with organizations involved with medical marijuana in other states. LeafLine Labs has strong connections... more →
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Cannabis Business Continues To Boom As New Markets Are Opening

Huge demand has already led to significant shortages of the herb as lines snaked around the block at some stores. On the other side of the country, cannabis was decriminalized in the District of Columbia last month as the U.S. continues to reassess the status of the herb. The rapid growth of the domestic cannabis industry is good... more →
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