Republican Files MMJ Legalization Bill

Medical marijuana patients, entrepreneurs, and advocates in Florida have found a new ally, this time in the Republican State Senator Jeff Brandes, who has filed an MMJ legalization proposal. Brandes’ measure is Senate Bill 528, titled the Florida Medical Marijuana Act. It proposes to allow caregivers and patients to purchase and... more →
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Pennsylvania Gets Closer To Being Next MMJ Market

With a major boost from its new governor, Pennsylvania is getting closer to being one of the next states to have a legal medical marijuana sector. Gov. Tom Wolf has given his support to the sector this week, promising that he will sign the medical cannabis legalization bill if it passes state Legislature. Wolf took office just this... more →
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Advocates Of Medical Pot In Illinois Lose Hope Because Of Delays

Rauner, who has expressed skepticism about the Illinois licensing process, wants a thorough legal review, his office said, which means more time before the 2013 law can be implemented. For patients that means no hope of getting the drug until at least June even if the Rauner administration issues licenses in the next month, said... more →
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SinglePoint Analyst Report: Mobilizing the Medical Marijuana Industry Issued by Small Cap IR

Analyst report issued by Small Cap IR. SinglePoint Inc. (OTC Other: SING) based in Seattle, WA recently announced the finalization of the acquisition of GreenStar and the product roll out from this newly acquired brand. SinglePoint focuses their efforts on providing mobile payment services throughout different industries and most... more →
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Terra Tech Subsidiary Launches Line of Organic, Sustainably Grown Produce

Terra Tech Corp (TRTC) subsidiary Edible Garden, an urban agricultural company, announced a new line of organic living produce. The company has received organic certification, from Baystate Organic Certifiers, for their line of 4″ potted herbs. Baystate is a USDA National Organic Program accredited certifying agent that certifies... more →
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State Governor Just Exposed Greatest Weakness Of Marijuana

Another key point is that marijuana stocks are heavily reliant on emotions, much like the current momentum behind the marijuana movement. This can lead to wild and unsettling volatility for investors. Lastly, with the exception of Insys Therapeutics , there doesn’t appear to be a marijuana company that’s poised to turn... more →
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Medical Marijuana Legalization Still In Limbo But Prices Go Up

The Illinois Department of Public Health, using money from the dedicated Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Fund, has shelled out nearly  $1.5 million to Iron Data Solutions Inc. for the software used to house the registry of patients and caregivers allowed to purchase medical marijuana, according to records from the Illinois... more →
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Prosecutors Hide The Truth From Jurors So To Imprison Medical Marijuana Users

What you don’t realize is that the defense attorneys have been forbidden to discuss their clients’ reliance on Washington’s law, since federal law bans marijuana for all purposes. You also do not realize that each of the defendants faces at least 10 years in federal prison, because their lawyers are not allowed to talk about... more →
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Legal Cannabis Industry Hindered By Real Estate Squeeze

Just as the legal marijuana industry has been found to be the fastest-growing industry in the US, another research says there is a lack of real estate available for this sector. Taylor Consulting, Inc (TAYO) recently released a statement from its own nationwide research. It found that there is “a major shortage” of commercial... more →
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Cannabusiness, Tech, and Investor Opportunity at SF Forum

This week’s Shark Tank-style cannabis investor-pitch forum in San Francisco saw the collision of three worlds: marijuana business, technology, and investor opportunity. Some 200 investors attended the event, where several dozen cannabis entrepreneurs were given the venue to pitch. Many of the startups presented notable ways through... more →
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