MMJA’s Year-End Report Says : Cbd Industry Leader Reflects On Major Strides Forward In 2015

We would like to take a moment to walk through the various investment companies in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. , portfolio and reflect on their historic achievements — and also give a preview of what lies ahead in 2015. Medical Marijuana, Inc. Medical Marijuana, Inc. invests in the vision and evolution of industrial hemp-based... more →
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Things To Know About Colorado Legislature Regarding Marijuana

Lawmakers already have a bill focused just on caregivers. It would require them to register with the state, instead of the optional registration system in place now. Officials say the lack of a statewide registry makes it too hard for law enforcement to check a pot-grower’s claims that they are producing marijuana for patients. These... more →
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Virginia House Bill Can Help Marijuana To Be Legalized

HB1605 also begins to address the problem of access by authorizing medical doctors and pharmacists to “dispense or distribute” marijuana to a person in accordance with the practitioner recommendations authorize in the bill. House Bill 1605 (HB1605) by Delegate Ken Plum (D-Reston) would change this. The bill would remove the... more →
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Massachusetts Medical Pot E-mails Raise Concerns Regarding Privacy

Over the past three months, more than 6,000 patients received the e-mails telling them they had been approved for the medical marijuana program. The e-mails contained detailed personal information. This is a clear violation of privacy standards, practice specialists say. And they are sick worried. Now, after inquiries from the Globe,... more →
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Pueblo County Cannabis Industry Forms Group

The group’s goals are to push for legislative policies and laws that will bring tougher standards, professionalize the industry and keep cannabis out of the hands of kids. The president of the group is Tommy Giodone, a restaurant owner and businessman who is building a medical marijuana dispensary next to his restaurant on... more →
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Marijuana Penny Stocks That Outperformed Last Year

As more states roll out and mimic what Colorado and Washington have modeled in their application process, cannabis consultants will find ways to stay relevant by adding expertise in the areas of software, security and cash management, Greiper said. They will become management consulting consultants. Overall, the category of marijuana... more →
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