Endexx Provides Shareholder Update 2014/2015

Endexx Corporation (OTC PINK: EDXC), a provider of innovative medical marijuana management and technology solutions, is pleased to provide a synopsis of 2014 and forward-looking initiatives for 2015. While the medical and recreational marijuana industry is ever-changing and still in the nascent stages, creating standards for infrastructure... more →
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Advanced Cannabis Solutions Signs Master Services Agreement With Spector Group II For “The Greenhouse”

Advanced Cannabis Solutions (OTC: CANN), a service provider to businesses in the regulated cannabis industry, announced today that it has signed a Master Services Agreement with New York based Spector Group, one of the nation’s leading architecture, interior design and master planning firms, for the build out of its multi-tenant... more →
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Recent Study On Casual Marijuana Use Might Crush Marijuana’s Momentum

Specifically, researchers compared the size, shape and density of the nucleus accumbens (the portion of the brain that controls motivation, pleasure and addiction) and the amygdala (which plays a central role in emotions), discovering that marijuana users had greater gray matter density and shape differences than nonusers. The study... more →
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This Billionaire Is Betting Big On Marijuana And Here’s Why

The big investors are starting to get interested in marijuana’s profit potential, too. Stepping up to the plate The marijuana industry remains mostly in the shadows; however, the passage of medical marijuana legislation in 23 states and of recreational marijuana laws in four states is starting to attract the attention of private... more →
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Will Legal Cannabais Annihilate This Company?

And while it is important to note nonviolent drug offenders include more than just marijuana prisoners, the dual threat of state marijuana legalization/decriminalization and federal reforms are a direct threat to its investment thesis. Don’t believe me? Per Corrections Corporation [emphasis added]: The demand for our facilities... more →
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12 Marijuana Stocks You Should Not Buy And Hold (Part IV)

The below chart illustrates the 2014 52-week highs for N=48 marijuana stocks and the combined impact of (1) November/December tax loss selling for 2013, (2) the 2014 January effect, (3) the January through March 2014 penny stock season, and (4) the March 2014 Canadian MMPR sequence of events: Notes: The above bar chart was generated... more →
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Interview with Poseidon Asset Management’s Emily and Morgan Paxhia

Emily and Morgan Paxhia have jumped on to the scene of cannabis investing with a fury. They are emerging as thought leaders in the industry and focused exclusively on cannabis investments. Learn why they are so bullish on this industry and what they are investing in now. more →
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The Convergence Of Yoga And Marijuana

The substance also helps individuals to get rid of their inhibitions, and is believed to have powerful properties that may be beneficial to a persons health. Ganja Yoga, as described by an article on SFgate.com , adds cannabis to the overall experience in order to help bring a persons practice to a state of heightened spiritual... more →
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