These Create Problems For Medical Pot Industry

Since January 1, 2015, Illinois universities have been granted the right to grow hemp for research purposes with a license from the Illinois Department of Agriculture. As the schools gear up for hemp production, however, one loophole in particular has been highlighted: obtaining seeds to grow the hemp they intend to study. That... more →
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Health Canada Says Anti-Drug Campaign Got Approval From Parents And Teens

A controversial anti-drug campaign that claimed marijuana use could lower IQ was seen as “informative and non-judgmental” by both parents and teens, according to Health Canada. But that information won’t be formally available until advised.  That’s the gist of the government’s response to a written... more →
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Washington Medical Marijuana Case Update

Larry Harvey, 71, of the Kettle Falls Five has moved for dismissal of his case or an order preventing further prosecution. The motion relies on a recently enacted Congressional measure that bans funding for medical marijuana enforcement by the Department of Justice (DOJ). “Prosecuting persons who may be operating in compliance... more →
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Medical Cannabis Dispensary Applicants Sues Clark County

        Five medical marijuana dispensary applicants are suing the County Commission in three separate lawsuits that call into question the legality of the county’s process of issuing special use permits to dispensary applicants. The outcome affects more than just dispensary owners — patient access is also... more →
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Techpreneur Justin Kan Talks Marijuana Investing

This is the time to take risks and pursue “crazy ideas” in the legal marijuana industry. That was the advice of successful technology entrepreneur Justin Kan to investors and startups present at an investment forum in San Francisco on Monday. The forum, organized by The ArcView Group, was a two-day invite-only event attended... more →
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Here Are 3 Smarter-Than-Pot-Stocks Investments

For example, BioMarin Pharmaceuticals is working on a drug that may offer hope to cancer patients with a specific gene mutation. Since IMS Health projects that spending on cancer medicine will climb to nearly $100 billion annually by 2020, investors may find that cancer drug investments like these are a better bet than marijuana. Selena... more →
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Lots Of Support For Medical Marijuana, Survey Shows

Earlier this year Kentucky lawmakers approved a measure that legalizes the cultivation of hemp for industrial and commercial purposes once the federal government grants states the right to legally cultivate the crop. The latest surveys show that Kentuckians not only want to bring an end to the prohibition of hemp farming but also... more →
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Cannabis Tax Refund Due In Colorado

The state constitution limits how much tax money the state can take in before it has to give some back. That means Coloradans may each get their own cut of the $50 million in recreational pot taxes collected in the first year of legal weed. It’s a situation so bizarre that it’s gotten Republicans and Democrats, for once, to agree... more →
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Elite Pot Investors Gather To Hunt New Funding Potentials

Several hundred leading investors gathered in San Francisco earlier this week for a two-day event aiming to fund and grow legal marijuana businesses. Dubbed the “Arc Tank”, the assembly is a “shark tank” event organized by the Bay Area-based cannabis angel investment network The ArcView Group. In this invite-only, members-only... more →
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