Medical Marijuana Stocks Back On Track As SEC Fears Decline

If anyone had wondered if Creative Edge and co. had been playing fast and loose with trades or paperwork, chances are they’re not wondering anymore. And their recent lightning quick decision to sever all ties with Growlife , a company that stands suspected by the SEC of having cut corners in trades and accounting, doubles... more →
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It Is Still Risky To Invest In Marijuana Stocks

Contra Cramer, GW actually is a medical marijuana stock, sort of. Its whole business is based on cannabinoids, chemical compounds found in marijuana and hemp, as well as in the human body. They can also be produced synthetically. The company’s main product, Sativex, was developed to treat symptoms of multiple sclerosis, cancer,... more →
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Related Companies Play Center In Medical Cannabis Stocks

And here’s the play: medical delivery. With the medical marijuana movement gaining superb momentum this year, a company like this is waiting on the horizon for the right time to strike. Then there’s Medbox Inc. (OTCMKTS:MDBX), a company in the business of medicine storage and dispensing systems to the medical and... more →
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Scientific Advisory Board Chairman of MMS Educates Professional Fiduciaries On Benefits In Using Medical Marijuana

Endocannabinoid molecules occur naturally in the human body and regulate multiple systems. Dr. Rabe referred to research which documents the pain-relieving, anti-oxidative, neuroprotective and anti-cancer effects of THC, CBD and other cannabinoids that make them potentially useful in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. “It... more →
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Sub-Penny Cannabis Opportunity By Brokerbank Securities, Inc.

TechnoConcepts, Inc. (OTCBB: TCPS) has been in business since 2003 as a designer and manufacturer of wireless communication semiconductors. TCPS has not been widely traded over the past couple years, but gained some traction last August when a Presidential mandate regarding the broadening of wireless Internet access gave potential... more →
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GW Pharmaceuticals Most Legit Among Marijuana Stocks

GWPH stock has a market capitalization of about $1 billion, the company trades on the Nasdaq for more than $60 per share, and it actually has clinically tested medicines based on marijuana instead of just hyped up marketing claims. It is not an exaggeration to call GWPH stock the most legitimate marijuana stock that is out there... more →
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Casino Industry Grapples With Medical Marijuana Issues

The problem? In the eyes of federal prosecutors, marijuana is still viewed as an illegal narcotic. Investment in a business that sells a product in Nevada which could land someone prison time in another state doesn’t interact well with state gaming regulations. For now, the Control Board is advising license holders to stay... more →
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