SEC Warns Investors To Just Say “No” To Pot Stocks

The Securities and Exchange Commission issued an alert Friday about the risk of fraud in thinly-traded shares of companies involved in the legal marijuana business. The SEC warns that “fraudsters” may be using the excitement about the boom in recreational marijuana in states where the drug has been legalized, such as... more →
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US Regulators On Alert For Marijuana Firm Investment Scams

The Securities and Exchange Commission said it has already suspended trading in five different cannabis microcap companies in the past few months. The latest crackdown Friday was against FusionPharm Inc., a Denver-based company purportedly selling cultivation systems for marijuana. Voters in Colorado and Washington legalized the... more →
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Marijuana Stocks Review In Half A Year: Part 1, Tier 1

Since Yellen, the halts, and bubbles bursting, I’ve done nothing but wait for stocks that I like to fall hard enough to find a great buying opportunity. Some of the stocks here are still ‘overvalued’ and may continue to fall. Others I think have great potential that investors have yet to notice. The sector can continue... more →
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Geonovus Reviews Potential Opportunities In International Medical And Industrial Hemp

Recent changes in Canadian medical marijuana licensing could allow for licensed producers (LPs) to grow on a larger, commercial scale with the introduction of the new MMPR licenses. The industrial hemp industry is also currently undergoing significant reform with more and more agricultural land zoned for growing industrial hemp year... more →
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Canada’s First Investment Conference on Medical And Industrial Hemp And Alternative Medicine Sold-Out

The next GreenRush Conference is June 26, 2014 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Constitution Hall. Vancouver BC, Canada (PRWEB) May 12, 2014 GreenRush Financial Conferences (GRFC) feature insightful speakers, government, health and industry specialists, public and private companies, fund managers, bankers, brokers, analysts,... more →
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Stock Surges As Supreme Pharma Announces Its 2nd Acquisition Target In Medical Cannabis Space

Health Canada predicts the burgeoning industry will be worth some $1.3 billion by 2024, and that the number of users could increase 10-fold within five years. Supreme said Tuesday that under the terms of the MMPR license, its Southern Ontario-based target company can build out and operate a 342,000 square foot facility that can produce... more →
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Motley Fool Advises What Medical Marijuana Stocks To Buy

There will still be potential for growth, but the downside of investing with a proven company is significantly less than investing in unproven, promotional, penny stocks. Will this stock be your next multi-bagger? Give me five minutes and I’ll show how you could own the best stock for 2014. Every year, The Motley Fool‘s... more →
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Three Marijuana Penny Stocks Making Moves

The company contends its cigarettes unique design will be embraced by its target market. Mont Blunt Vaporizers are battery powered devices that allow cigarette smokers to receive a vaporized liquid solution, while simply exhaling water vapor. The vapor is both harmless and odorless, yet it provides users with a physical sensation... more →
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