Virginia Senate Passes Anti-Stop, Sniff, and Search Bill

Virginia Senate Passes Anti-Stop, Sniff, and Search Bill Virginia made history last week when the state Senate approved a bill that would stop police officers from pulling over and searching vehicles simply because they smell of cannabis. The bill is meant to help stop racial profiling against people of color.  This is a big... more →
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Weed Wordsearch – Cannabis Concentrates

Weed Wordsearch – Cannabis Concentrates Thanks to some serious stoner innovation, the compounds within cannabis can be extracted for concentrated ingestion. In other words, you can take all the plant matter to target the good stuff. Here is a Wordsearch all about cannabis concentrates! WHEN YOU FIND A WORD: Click on the first... more →
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All “Good Things” For Wafia

All “Good Things” For Wafia Wafia Al-Rikabi—known professionally as Wafia—is aware of how her music career contrasts with what is culturally expected for a woman of Iraqi-Syrian heritage. Lacking an Arab musical-role-model she could identify with, Wafia was initially deterred from pursuing a career in music, only to later... more →
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