Parents Sued School For Letting Their Daughter Take Marijuana In School

Acadia University Hall Maclean'sAttorneys for the Maple Shade school district and the Larc School in Bellmawr, the private school for children with developmental disabilities 16-year-old Genny Barbour attends, won’t allow it, fearing they will be cited for violating the drug-free school zone law, and the federal law that states marijuana is illegal despite New Jersey law permitting a medicinal marijuana program.

While I feel sorry for this girl, I completely sympathize with the school here. It’s not fair to put the school in this position. If I’m the school nurse, I’m not going to administer a Schedule I drug, outlawed under federal law, to a child. I’m not risking my license. I can’t just break the law because I don’t agree with it. Sorry.

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